WRITE THE FREMONT FIGHT SONG!!!Welcome the the Fremont Fight Song Contest!!!

What does a Fight Song sound like?

Well, almost all of us are familiar with this one (click on the C):


Da Bears!

Now listen the the Fremont Fight Song. Press "play" below to listen:

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This song needs lyrics!! So get writing!

Now that you know the tune, it's time to get writing! I suppose you want to know what the prize is? Well- the prize for writing the lyrics to the Fremont Fight Song is...you'll be famous! (at least at Fremont) At every assembly or school event where the Fremont Fight Song is played your name will forever be linked to this song.

Now- fill out the form below! Here you go! Good luck songwriters!!

That's it! Your lyrics will be judged by a panel of Fremont Music Experts! Remember that your lyrics may live on for as long as this school shall live!


Problems? Email Mr. Rezac at drezac@fremont.lake.k12.il.us